About Lifework, Inc.

We’re Happiest When We’re Saving Lives

We’ve been saving lives for more than 40 years. Based outside of our Nation’s Capital, LifeWork is a team of medical professionals with expertise in emergency medical events. Utilizing a global model and our own unique experiences, we assist our clients through the complete process of assessment, planning, implementation, maintenance, and evolving program perfection. We approach projects as though they are our own, to optimize the goal of rapid emergency response with the most efficient, economical, and simplistic process. LifeWork is committed to providing exceptional and confidential services. We believe in aligning with research-based education curriculum, and we are equally committed to providing the finest life-saving products for our clients…as if they were members of our own family.


The professionals with Lifework, Inc. provide emergency response planning and management programs to businesses across Maryland and the United States.