STEMI Recognition & Treatment

Thousands of ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) patients fail to receive critical therapy in a timely fashion each year, and nearly 30 percent do not receive any reperfusion treatment at all. As a result, the American Heart Association created the STEMI Provider Manual to help address the ongoing need for training in the early recognition of STEMI.

This can be a Lifework customized classroom course or completed entirely on-line. 

Course content includes:
• Understanding ACS
• Acquiring an accurate ECG
• Coronary anatomy related to 12-lead ECG
• STEMI recognition
• ECG mimics of STEMI
• Indications for activating a Heart Alert System
• Self assessment includes: Naming the Leads, Regions of the Heart, Measuring ST Deviation and Correlating Regional Changes